Transaction Closing & Escrow Agents

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Numerous clients who have used the services of Lateral 4T have been impressed by the smooth and untroubled closing of their transaction. The objective of Lateral 4T is to make the purchase of an aircraft an enjoyable experience with the removal of ego and confrontation and the replacement with an efficient and rational approach to the experience of acquiring an aircraft.  Closing the transaction links very closely with the conclusion of the pre-purchase inspection and Lateral 4T specialise in the negotiation of the final stages of the transaction to ensure that the purchaser does not pay more than he should or the seller does not concede issues that do not require concession.

Transaction closing will invariably (especially if a financier is involved) be undertaken through the services of an Escrow Agent, the choice of Escrow Agent will be dependent upon the jurisdiction of the registration of the aircraft and the intended jurisdiction of registration post sale.  Transactions involving aircraft registered on the US FAA register will normally be closed through the services of a USA resident Escrow Agent such as Insured Aircraft Title Service or Crowe & Dunlevy but where finance is involved the choice of such agents will be subject to the approval of the financier who will require that the Escrow Agent is on their approved panel.  Where the transaction involves an aircraft registered otherwise than on the US FAA register then a local Escrow Agent will need to be used in order to ensure that change of ownership and de-registration is handled locally and without delay.

Lateral 4T can advise on the choice of suitable Escrow Agent.




We navigate you through the minefield of operational liability, VAT and taxation consequences.
We are able to fully negotiate the terms of the most complex acquisition, whether of a new or used aircraft and at the same time negotiate the completion of financing transactions commonly undertaken by a team of lawyers in city firms.