Paper Plane of the Month



November template


This month’s aircraft is another complicated folding exercise (well not really that complicated).  Print off the template and follow the step by step instructions below:-

1. Fold paper in half length wise (logo upwards)

2. unfold and fold the corners to the centre line

3. fold the entire nose over back towards the dog pilots (to form an oblong)

4. Fold in the top corners until the points meet the centre line

5. Fold the nose point back over the flaps folded in in 4

6. Flip the plane over and fold in half along centre libe

7. Fold the wing down on both sides

8. Using scissors snip the rear end of the fuselage to make the dog pilots pop up as a tail, fold winglets and throw gently…


I have uploaded pictures to show the folding exercises see  below:

November Instructions Colour Pictures




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