Choice of Sales Agent/Lawyer/Representative

Sales agents (as their name suggests) act primarily with the interests of the seller paramount rather than the interests of the purchaser.  When purchasing an aircraft it is important to have an independent expert acting for you and not to rely upon the sales agent to get things done.  The appointment of a lawyer to act for the purchaser is a necessity but the person appointed must have a thorough and detailed knowledge of the aviation industry and the practicalities associated with the acquisition of an aircraft and not merely the terms of the sale agreement and technical niceties.

If the person acting for the purchaser is not able to control all elements of the purchase transaction and act as the central hub between the sales agent, the seller, the engineers undertaking the pre-purchase inspection, the aviation authorities for the registry of choice, the advisor dealing with tax considerations, the management organisation providing operation control services, the financiers, the insurers and the crew so that they all come together at the same time, you will end with a painful transaction which simply refuses to be ready to close…

L4T is uniquely positioned to provide all of these services and to successfully coordinate the closing and smooth entry into operation of an aircraft for a purchaser.



We navigate you through the minefield of operational liability, VAT and taxation consequences.
We are able to fully negotiate the terms of the most complex acquisition, whether of a new or used aircraft and at the same time negotiate the completion of financing transactions commonly undertaken by a team of lawyers in city firms.