The choice of jurisdiction for the registration of an aircraft depends on a number of factors, where an aircraft is to be used for commercial operation through the services of an AOC holder it will be necessary that the aircraft is registered on an aviation register which is capable of issuing public transport category registration and airworthiness oversight and regulation.  Lateral 4T is able to advise on suitable registrations and to negotiate the terms of operating and management agreements with AOC holders on behalf of clients.

Where a purchaser wishes to utilise the aircraft for their own private and business related purposes Lateral 4T is in a position to offer specialist advice as to the structuring of the ownership of the aircraft through particular registers whether onshore or offshore with a view to the mitigation of exposure to VAT and income and capital gains deemed remission.

Lateral 4T have in depth and detailed knowledge and experience in undertaking registration of aircraft on the Isle of Man CAA, Cayman Islands CAA, UK CAA and US FAA and Tobi Mathews is accepted as a technical coordinator for the purposes of continuing airworthiness management.  The level of experience and knowledge held by Lateral 4T is especially advantageous as it enables a client to progress with registration without having to deal with the coordination of numerous advisers to ensure that the aircraft is acquired, registered and brought into operation Lateral 4T is   able to provide a one-stop shop for the advice and expertise with the aim of “making aircraft ownership enjoyable”




We navigate you through the minefield of operational liability, VAT and taxation consequences.
We are able to fully negotiate the terms of the most complex acquisition, whether of a new or used aircraft and at the same time negotiate the completion of financing transactions commonly undertaken by a team of lawyers in city firms.