Operational Management Arrangements

The management of the operation of an aircraft is a complex aspect of aircraft ownership.  The logistical arrangements concerning flight planning, crew arrangements, handling, fuelling, maintenance oversight and passenger care throughout mean that professional crew and support services need to be engaged otherwise the owner will be engaged full time in trying to manage the operation.

As a highly valuable asset it is important to ensure that an aircraft is managed by professionally qualified and competent  persons who can not only promise operational smoothness but also deliver on those promises.

Where financiers are involved with large aircraft they will often require the appointment of professional managers in order to ensure that the aircraft is operated in accordance with the manufacturer instructions for operation and within the relevant airworthiness authority requirements.  At this point the majority of owners will think that they need to opt to place their aircraft into management through an AOC holder and are often left counting the cost of doing so after a couple of expensive years.

Lateral 4T are a joint venture party in a Jersey-based operations management company named Ortac Operations Management Limited  who have established sensible and cost effective management arrangements for a number of clients for the operation of their aircraft in compliance with the requirements of ICAO Annex 3 paragraph II.

An aircraft is a highly  valuable asset and it needs to cared for in order to ensure that the aircraft and its records are fully and correctly operated and maintained. Lateral 4T is able to offer detailed advice to aircraft owners as to the nature of the operation of their aircraft and to provide independent oversight arrangements in connection with the ongoing operational controls and the maintenance scheduling and planning.



We navigate you through the minefield of operational liability, VAT and taxation consequences.
We are able to fully negotiate the terms of the most complex acquisition, whether of a new or used aircraft and at the same time negotiate the completion of financing transactions commonly undertaken by a team of lawyers in city firms.