Aviation Services

At Lateral Thought our aim is to provide innovative structured solutions to the ownership, management and operation of complicated assets.

Aircraft are one of the most complicated assets and the structuring of their ownership and operation needs to be handled carefully by specialists who understand the aviation industry and are able to advise clients fully on all aspects of the transaction.

Lateral 4T has through its majority shareholder, over 20 years experience in the acquisition, registration, ownership, leasing, financing, operation, maintenance oversight and sale of private aircraft.  A lawyer by profession Tobi Mathews has developed a niche aviation practice which provides specialist services to sophisticated clients who wish to benefit from his extensive experience and knowledge in making their aircraft acquisition and operation as painless as possible.  Lateral 4T aim to provide a service to the client so that once they have decided on the aircraft that they want to fly on, they need do nothing further (other than pay for the aircraft and make aesthetic choices) until the aircraft is delivered and they are ready to fly.

Experience of numerous transactions over the past 20 years enables Lateral 4T to be able to provide clients with a reasonable pre-estimate of the overall costs associated with a transaction and fee estimates are available on request.



We navigate you through the minefield of operational liability, VAT and taxation consequences.
We are able to fully negotiate the terms of the most complex acquisition, whether of a new or used aircraft and at the same time negotiate the completion of financing transactions commonly undertaken by a team of lawyers in city firms.